Friday, July 23, 2010

A leader means ...

1. Motivate people.
2. Delegate.
3. Keep the door open.
4. Let people make mistakes.
5. Learn from his own mistakes.
6. Treat everyone equally.

I want to be ..

I want to be ..
- A leader.. The Extraordinary Leader
- Self motivated
- Keep my appointments
- Responsible person
- Has a vision for myself
- caring..

Life ...

"Life is not a movie that ends up with every problem in the whole world being solved in the perfect is so different.. In order to get and reach some of your have to sacrifise others...which is sometimes very hard and very painful...The real problem is when you stop at a time and think that some of your decisions were wrong and that you shouldn't be here... But for you... I think you will never reach that point... for you always knew your wishes.. and you always knew which path to go to."

Moments [5] ... Remember?!

Sara wrote:
I was in a vacation from work when I received her call (From a taxi as usual). She asked about my health, told me about incidents that happened in her day (it was morning actually, so nothing was very urgent) and she remained silent. I kept on wondering if that silence means something. As if she is waiting for me to tell her something. She then said: "XX sent me an email".I asked her "About what".
She told me that today she will complete her third her in Centrivision and that every body remembered....
That's when I remained silent and the call ended. Shall I tell her how bad was my day and the previous day or she will think that I'm just making execuses?? I didn't tell her anything but I know that day that she told them that I forgot and that she misses my roses that I used to give her every year. Did I hurt her by not remembering?? I guess I did... It is hard to be very caring about everybody and when it is time for you...people forget...

Moments[4] ... Transportation call

Sara wrote:
After we graduated, abeer got hired two days after the graduation project presentation. At that time, I had some ideas about not working and decided to dedicate my time to do different activities. Eventually, I was having too much time to do anything and she had no time to do anything. Whenever she tried to call me, I discover that she is in some kind of transportation. I was always telling her to stop calling me from a bus or taxi because her voice is completely unclear. I begged her to call me once from her home but she never did. So, whenever I receive a call from her, I always start the call saying "bardo btetkalme mn elmwaslat!!" she says "Yes" and we start talking... Days passed and I got hired too..Now I know how it was hard for her to give me any time outside of her transportation zone.. Thank you my friend for giving me part of your very precious time :)

Moments[3] ... BOOMMMM

By Sara:

We used -Me & Abeer- to organize parties in our company. Part of the organization was to go and buy presents to whoever this party is for. I remember that on one of our parties we decided to go and buy a cake (as usual) and some desserts. We bought the cake and with them abeer bought "Om Ali" for us -A very famous Egyptian dessert-. I have to confess that I like ittt. So, I started to drive back to the company and abeer opened my om-ali, gave it to me and handed me a spoon. I must emphasize that I was driving then. So, While driving, I picked the spoon and om-ali and started eating it while...BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... :S :S :S :S ... yes, that was my first car accident with abeer... That was the first and last time that we bought om-ali together..

Moments [2] .. Enta mesh so3áyar

Sara was the first person who joint the company after the mass left it ..
They usually say that I am not that helpful for the new candidates and I usually say "google on it, enta mesh so3áyar :)" .. but if it comes for sara "my dearest friend" I should be different :D ..
When it came to teaching technology I "had" my own TOKOS (It changed after that ;)).. I like to have the full control on the keyboard and mouse .. and person who "have to" listen to me should concentrate and focus and avoid to make the next two things infront of me:1. writing 2. asking too much :D

When she was assigned her first task, she came to me and politly asked me about the name of the project in SVN .. e7m .. we da kan aakher so2aal she asked as simply .. I replied her .. sara enti mesh so3áyara :D.. you should know it by your self :D ..

Moments [1] ..Mirror

My mother told me that friends should have different characters.. no one like to see his/her character mirrored in a friend ..
When I met sara for the first time.. I am sure that she will not remember that incident as I was there.. in the end of the Large class room that we were taking most of our lectures..
When I saw her, she was wearing the same blouse I had .. with different size tab3an:D.. we never met before, I was just coming from Dammita.. We didn't talk in our first meeting.. I just wondered how she had that blouse .. and never talked to her..
As the year passed, we discovered alot of same qualities in our personalities .. we even know the effect of any news on each other ..we love the same thing .. we have the same dreams .. It is not harmful to have a friend close to your personality ;).

Moments ..

Just documenting ana we sara's moments together .... I will start publishing our written moments ..

Let me start with Sara's introduction ..

Our life is a number of moments attached to each other. Most of them are forgetten, fade away as time goes on. Others get stronger and stronger by time. Today, we are here to talk about our little moments that nobody paid attention for. Moments that everybody forgot but we are still remembering. Everybody let it go away but we strongly held and keep it inside in our heart. Moments that we finally decided to share with you. Moments that may one day inspire you..


ربــي تــركــت مــا أحـــب مــن أجـــل مـــا تـُـحــب ، فــإجــعــل مــا تُــحــب هـــو كـــل مــا أحــب و إكــتــب لـــي فــعــل مـــا تــحــب ، فــحــبــك غــايـــة مـــا أحـــب .... ربـــي فـــرج كــربــنـــا و يـــســـر لــنــا أمـــرنـــا ..... ربــي إقــذف فـــي صـــدرنـــا نـــوراً و أنـــر بــصــيــرتــنــا بــنــور جــلالــك

Friday, July 04, 2008


Someone called it nagging J . But I do believe in a very important fact which is no one will have that strong faith in your goal rather than you. YOU must be the most person caring about what you need and what you want to achieve!

YOU have to pay .. pay efforts .. time .. you have to worry about your goal .. you have to follow it! YOU and NO ONE other than YOU!

I see that persistence is one of the important keys of being a successful person. My goal is not to be a successful person only but to be a key person in any place I live in like Alka3kaa3 Ebn Amr!

I like this quote:

"Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."

So, sometimes you have to act as if your action will make a difference, even if you can't prove that it will!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Care about them!

Small things are making others happy

Listen to them … listen to them with care ... being careless hurts … few persons could afford being listen to without care.

Care is the cure of lots of pain. Someone asked me one day: " Why do persons usually like to share and discuss their pain with you?" Simply as listening to them with care will make them happy and will get the impression that they are expecting …

People like to see a smile when they are happy… they like to see tears when they are sad.. They will like to see happiness in others eyes…

People like to see hands to help them when they need that!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Put a time to do what you like!

I have decided to make something I like. I tried to write down some things I like to do, and put them in my schedule. You must be aware of something you will really enjoy!

ü Things I may like to do

o Going to Dream park

o Teaching children

o Walking alone

o Talking to mama

o Making parties

o Visiting arkadia with global team

o Listening to songs

o Learning piano

o Playing with Arwa (my niece):)

And you? What things make you happy? What things motivate you?

So let us be honest with our selves.

Being a practical person!

Takhayalo, I was talking to one of my old friends after her husband death …

This is the call:
"Alo, Aya .. Alslamo 3likom, akhbarek eih, elbaka2 lelah ..... What about your work? would you please send me your CV!!!!! "

These are my talks...3amaleya gedan gedan.. every thing is about work... CV … relocation to another work.. Market surveys about the benefit packages and salaries... screening

Being very far from socialites converted me to a very practical person. Very practical person means a machine in our world. I became a machine! So take care of your social life!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Don't move against your nature!

Moving against your nature is the hardest thing you may face. If you like for example to work alone and you were asked to work with a team, so you will feel it a bit hard as it is against your nature.

So you should pick the track that will suit your personality and talents more. Believe me, it is the right time to do so! Don't move against your nature!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

One year experience in Centrivision ...Part-Two


Bas ...

This post reminded me with a post I have sent two years ago.. which is about
"هييه كبرنا و بقينا فى البكالوريوس"

and as you may remember, I mentioned that I can't imagine that I am now in the last year in coll. and I told you some funny stories about naughty childhood :)..

Now.. and before completing my first year in the work-world by few days.. I am writing now "One year experience in Centrivision ..."

Days ago.. mamti "as I am calling my mother" gave me some old notebooks for me.. I opened the first one and I was shocked and surprised..

When we were in the coll.. we used to write down our plans and dreams for the coming week, month, 5 month and a year..

You will find in my old notebooks plans for being a "Da3eya" or to "teach children some things" ..

You will see that ana we Shimaa"Osh as Sara called her:)" dreamed to live together in any place in the world to keep our friendship forever .. you will see some funny notes written during the lectures when ana and Osh were setting together...

Mamti told me that I changed to the better.. she guessed that I am now more mature but I don't think so..I am facing a difficulty in crying and expressing my thoughts ..It was the easiest thing a year ago!

When I read my notes and plans.. I found that I had a vision to be a good girl .. I was thinking in the world around me.. my faculty and the activities .. organising the courses..


Yes.. it changes my personality..

Mamti and my friends told me that..

After seeing my own plans from a year and now it will be completely different..

When I remember my life in coll, I become depressed.. Yes.. I was planning to improve my personality, become more near to the religion and community... I was trying when I was in the coll. to concentrate in the ethical part of things..

Shimaa was the one who was supporting me.. but we are human beings.. you sometime deviate from the right way to make the things done ..some persons called it "flexibility" and I am calling it decreasing my children feelings "bara2a" ..

yes.. the life in the closed community like the coll, is a very good environment to keep your ethics and religion..

I believe that it is normal that our Emaneyaat is increasing and decreasing.. but when I analyze the difference between this year the previous year...I decided to STOP and revise my own life and think how to -at least return to my previous state-..

Although the environment in my company is helping to increase the technicality but let me say that there are very few things added to my personality.. instead.. I become more nervous.. more stressed.. lose friends.. talk so fast and and have a communication problem..

After year from the coll. life , I become more over weighted.. have some health problems that I am trying to quit from by working more.. I hate to feel ill..

I am still that child that become afraid from load voice...

Do you know? I dream to be an ideal to the children that I will teach one day.. I dream to have a very big class of children to teach and play with them...

In the third and last part from these posts, I will show you my gain and loss from being here, and my advice to anyone wants to know whether joining small company is the right decision in his early age or not.

Friday, June 29, 2007

One year experience in Centrivision ...Part-One

Although I am in very bad need to sleep, I decided to finish my long story today. Today -29/6- was my last day in coll. last year and I was preparing myself to go to centrivision after two days..

Yes.. after two days I will finish my one year experience in centrivision...

Especial year.. nice and tough days..good and hard moments..

But before proceeding, I will tell you that I liked this year very much.. I enjoyed all days and each moment.. even tough moments and tears..

Let me summarize the year in two parts:
1. All the team together without Sara Ma3adawi and Soha and with Moataz.
2. Sara,Eman,Mustapha and Mohamed left to be outsourced and Sara and Soha joint me.

Thanks to everyone who shared me in this year in centrivision:

Thanks to Eman Hassan:
And this is the most one I really pray for :). She is really helpful... She might not got what I mean.. I will tell you one thing that I really liked and keep the rest. I liked her folder "BeforeLeaving" on her machine before she left to the other company. This folder is really a treasure. She made a "HowTo" and "Detailed description,steps and solution to any problem I may face in her task".. When I face a problem.. I hurry up and open this folder as I am sure that I will find the answer .Rabena yekremek ya Eman :).

Sara Salem ba2a, was my first friend from Cairo, and this was from 5 years:). I liked her seriousness in every thing.. I like that she could take tough and challenged decisions .. And as I usually tell her "I like to have a daughter like her".. she is the "success" definition in our academic life

Mustafa or as he likes to write his name "Mustapha" .. he was really helpful, smart and fast learner.. I can't forget that I understood the word "Fast learner" when I helped him to work with andromda in the first time :)..

Mohamed, he is a hard worker and helpful man. You will change any old idea you know about non-CSian persons when you met him.

Moataz.. although he left us but he had a deep effect on my personality... he taught me some building concepts.. I knew his reasons of leaving .. I really appreciate what he did.. bas mesh 3arfa may be not in the right time..

Ahmed, he is my technical manager. When you met him for the first time you will feel that he is a tough person. I am sure that you will change this idea if you spent sometime with him. He is a good listener, and in the same time he forgets alot:).

Islam, mm .. should I speak about my manager ;)? sometimes you should... If you know him well .. you will like to speak about that smart person.. you will like to share your thoughts with him.. and work with him.. to defend on your ideas and hear his ideas.. special manager that you will not meet everyday..

This was my team in the first part.. and in second part:
Sara Ma3adawi or Ma3adawi as we call her:).. my lovely and dearest baby :).. I like to see her nervous :D.. She looks to me as an extreme creature that must be killed :D .. but I love her.. and I am sure that she also does:)..

Soha.. our designer.. she is kind girl.. I like to make her listen to "Tawk Elyasmeen" for Majda elRomi :)..I am afraid that she will hate the music one day ;)..

This is my team .. in the next part I will speak about how working in centrivision changed my personality ..